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RS Zest

The Zest is a baby sister to the Quest. Considerably smaller at just under 12′, this boat is suitable for one adult or for two children. Has the huge advantage of having an easily adjusted centerboard rather than a pull up daggerboard, so no more worries as you or your children approach the beach or the ramp, or sail into shallow waters. Colourful, fun to sail, very stable, zero maintenance, this is a boat that you are going to love. Option of mainsail only or mainsail with small jib. The main is roller furling so easy to reef and the boom is nice and high.

Laser (now called ILCA)

The ILCA is designed for all levels of Sailors, from recreational cruiser to Olympic athlete. The most popular one design ever comes with three rig configurations, the ILCA 5, the ILCA 7 and the ILCA 9 ( full rig), allowing for all weight ranges and sizes. With hundreds of regattas each year, it’s clearly the boat for everyone.


Designed for sailors weighing 50-120 lbs., the Optimist Dinghy has become the world standard for introductory junior trainers. Optimist sailors learn the essential steering and sail-trimming skills necessary to continue in the sport of sailing. It’s flat, stable hull provides a great introduction to sailing; and, as young sailors progress, they can graduate to the Optimist racing circuit. With a simple rig and a light, durable hull, Vanguard Optimists have become the #1 choice of junior sailors.


The International 420 was designed in France in the 1960s (as a smaller version of the 470 Olympic boat) for youth training. The 420 is 4.2metres long. It was gradually adopted by various training facilities around the world and in the USA become one of the primary boats used by high schools and colleges.

RS Tera

The RS Tera is the fun and modern alternative for youth single handed sailing. Easy to handle and exciting to sail, with multiple sail options all using the same rig, the RS Tera is a great learn to sail platform that will keep kids engaged. An ISAF International Class, there are established RS Tera fleets worldwide. Whether you are just learning how to sail, honing your skills and starting to race, or just beach sailing for fun with the family, the RS Tera delivers with performance and durability.

RS Quest

This is the boat you have all been waiting for! A remarkable family sailing boat. With this boat you can take just yourself for a sail, furling up the jib if it is too breezy, or you can take your friends or family out with you, enjoying all the room and buoyancy this boat has to offer. Fun to sail, the lowest of maintenance, this is a boat you will actually USE. The Quest is already enormously popular. 14′ long, high boom, self bailing.


The sunfish is the most popular boat ever produced. Millions of people have learned to sail and enjoy the water on the Sunfish. Sunfish have explored quiet coves, planed across lakes, and sailed in big ocean swells. For over 40 years there has been no better way to play on the water.

RS Feva

Are you children tired of sailing alone in a Optimist or a Laser? Let them have fun sailing with a friend and build up their sailing skills using main, jib and spinnaker. This boat is fun, easy to sail, simple to rig, zero maintenance with a rotomolded hull and aluminum foils.

RS Venture

This is a big 16′ boat, with lots and lots of room. Rooms for one instructor and six kids, room for your family and maybe the dog. Similar in some ways to the RS Quest, but much bigger, with bigger sail area, and this boat is grp construction.

RS Cat 16

Strong, low maintenace, sails a lot better than many cats in the same market , this boat is quick and easy to break down for transportation. What more do you need?

RS Aero

Crazy, exciting, fast boat, ultra light at only 75lbs. Constructed of epoxy resin and carbon fibres. This boat, like the laser, comes with three rig versions (5,7, or 9) making it accessible to a weight range of sailors between 77 and 210 lbs. This boat is light, responsive, manageable, and simply exhilarating!


This is a smoking hot racing skiff. If you have ever watched video of skiff sailing in Australia you will know how exciting this kind of sailing is. Follow the link for full details and specs.

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