May 2024 – Closing down sale!

Last two RS Zests on sale now! Call us on 804 815 0150.

The Zest is the most popular recreational small sailboat in the US for the past several years.

Easy for one adult to sail, but equally suitable for two or three children, or a mix of adults and children.

The low boom leaves plenty of space to move around . The Zest has an easily adjusted centerboard rather than a pull up daggerboard, so no more worries as you or your children approach the beach or the ramp, or sail into shallow waters.

Colourful, fun to sail, very stable, zero maintenance, this is a boat that you are going to love. Very easy to right if you capsize. Option of mainsail only or mainsail with small jib. The main is roller furling so easy to reef and the boom is nice and high.

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