Corporate Talk Sailing!

A special program developed to help your team build communication skills. This is all about talking to each other and successfully communicating for optimum team results. Premier will put your teams aboard boats with experienced facilitators. This program includes an initial one hour session on shore and a thorough debriefing exercise after sailing so groups need to allow a good three and a half or four hours for this program.

Talk Sailing!

How It Works

Before you arrive we ask you for some information about your group – your jobs, your positions within the company, what you are specifically trying to achieve for your group. We will ask you to split your groups into teams of four – you will know which people you want to put together and which people you will want to separate. When you arrive our chief facilitator will explain to you all how Talk Sailing! works.

The sailing part of this event takes about two hours. When this is over you come ashore the whole group will have a very thorough debriefing session led by the chief facilitator and it is during this session that all the lessons and revelations of the day will unfold and you will have a real insight into your team and how it communicates – the strengths and weaknesses of your communications will be clear and your will have achieved your goal.


$195 per person plus $200 event organization fee


The Tides Inn, Irvington, VA 22480

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