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US Sailing Basic Keelboat Course (4 day basic course)
Keelboat Introduction (2 day introductory course)
Safe Powerboating (2 day course)
On the Water Skills (1 day course)
Adult Dinghy (sunfish etc.)
US Sailing Basic Cruising (3 day intermediate course)
Quick Lesson (3 hour course)

Terms and Conditions


The undersigned Premier Sailing School ("PSS") customer/guardian assumes and understands that sailing is a potentially hazardous sport; that grounding, accidental jibes, man overboards, and equipment failures occur from time to time without warning, and that variations in wind and sea conditions, water traffic, submerged obstructions, and other hazards to navigation exist. In using PSS equipment or participating in sailing instruction or sailing events at PSS, the undersigned recognizes and accepts such dangers, and assumes full responsibility for such risks, and holds PSS and /or its officers, employees, assistants, and/or agents harmless against any and all bodily injury, and/or property damages resulting from such risks. The undersigned expressly acknowledges that the New Tides LLC, Rappahannock River Yacht Club, Indian Creek Yacht and Country Club, Hampton Roads Academy and related parties have no responsibility whatsoever for sailing school activities.


The undersigned gives permission for photos taken during the course to be used by the school for publicity/marketing.

Cancellation Policy

Young Sailors and Keelboat Courses: No refunds for any cancellations made within 30 days of sailing date. Refunds prior to that date will be made less the deposit. Credits may be offered to facilitate students to return on another date or year if cancellations are made due to illness or other unforeseen circumstances.

Last Updated: April 15, 2015

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