Our Instructors

Eileen is a US Sailing Basic Keelboat Instructor and enjoys teaching Keelboat courses. A musician and a teacher as well as a sailor, Eileen brings her innovative teaching skills to the waterfront and to you. Her love of sailing and the water permeates her classes.

Dave races his boat singled handed to Bermuda, has recently completely extensive ocean voyages with the Oyster rally and with his wife Carol. He also loves to race both lasers and big boats. Dave loves to teach and brings great enthousiam and energy to his courses.

Bill brings his US Coastguard 100 ton license experience to teaching, and also his years of cruising his catamaran between here and the North Carolina coast. Bill enjoys taking groups and families out for three hour lessons and charters.

Arabella is a US Sailing Basic Keelboat Instructor and US Powerboating Instructor. Arabella enjoys teaching race training courses and teaching Young Sailors courses. She has extensive match racing and fleet racing experience and also enjoys some coastal or offshore cruising in the winter months.

Graham teaches both Keelboat and Young Sailors courses with us, using a combination of his Coastguard and his US Sailing Instructor qualifications. Graham was head instructor at Key West Community Sailing Centre for three years.

Regina is a US Sailing Level 1 Instructor, is a highly skilled communicator and teacher, and particularly likes to teach very young children.

Ryan is head instructor of our Young Sailors Program and has been in the Premier Sailing since he started sailing here as a young child. Ryan has a quiet and patient manner with young sailors and with adults is very safety conscious.

Kennedy recently completed five years of highly successful competitive sailing for Christchurch School and for past summers has worked as lifeguard , swim coach, and counselor at sports and sailing camps, and for children with special needs. Kennedy is highly organized and interested in her work.

Ryleigh has grown up sailing with Premier, first as student, and then as Instructor. Ryleigh is fun, energetic, and organized, and likes everything to work well.

Andrew is a highly skilled and capable sailor and just loves to make a boat go fast. Andrew also grew up sailing and racing with Premier Sailing and enjoys teaching both adults and children.

Mallory has also grown up spending summers as student at Premier Sailing, then as trainee,and now Instructor. Mallory is a calm and organized individual and very patient with students.

Trainee Instructors ( still under construction)

Finn   has been sailing at Premier Sailing since he was a tiny six year old. Finn is quietly patient, uses his considerable art skills to do beautiful sailing diagrams during classroom sessions, and is a highly skilled sunfish sailor. Finn is just waiting to be old enough to become fully fledged instructor.

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