Our Fleet

Our boat fleets range from large boats (Catalina 30, Catalina 27, and several J24s) to small boats (Sunfish, Opti and Laser).

Our Large Boat Fleet

Catalina 30

A roomy and comfortable 30′ cruising boat, ideal for learning to sail.


The Classic one design Racing boat. We use the J24’s to teach you more about sail trim and performance sailing. Also use these for race training and the more advanced youth sailing. We use these also for our Corporate Sailing & Match Racing.

Catalina 27

This boat is more of a cruising boat than any other in our fleet, with a wheel instead of a tiller, roller furling, nice instruments, and she is a sweet boat to sail.

Our Small Boat Fleet

These boats are varied in their uses. All are used for teaching children to sail. But children come in a variety of sizes and so our children’s fleet has to be as varied as they are !


The Sunfish is the most popular recreational sailboat in the USA. Easy to rig and easy to sail, ideal for beginners! It is versatile enough to accommodate both children and adults.


The Optimist is the smallest boat in our fleet but by far the most popular for the youngest sailors. Designed specifically for children – almost a million of these boats have been built around the world. Most of the top sailors in the world started out in Optis.


Once you have mastered the sunfish you progress to the Laser which take a bit more energy to sail, especially in windy weather. It is a singlehanded Olympic class boat and one that is sailed at many clubs both nationally and internationally.

Laser Bahia

This boat is a super, fun, modern boat to sail. Can fit four sailors for fun, or just two for a high performance experience. Has main, jib, and gennaker. Great for adult or family small boat lessons because Instructor can join you in the boat.

Hartley 10

A great photo for young newcomers to sailing – stable, easy to sail, very easy to right if it capsizes, and fun!

RS Tera

Fun and fast for young sailors.

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