Corporate Team Building

Sailing, and in particular racing, is a natural team building experience. Use racing to build up your team’s confidence and help them to work together. No previous sailing experience is necessary – Premier Sailing will organize everything for you and put an experienced instructor on each boat. Each boat (J24 or Cal 30) can accommodate four of your team plus skipper.

Team Building Programs

How It Works

This activity starts when you step on board your boat and meet your instructor/facilitator. The instructor will introduce you to the boat and to the basic skills you will need in order to sail the boat as a team – this includes where each of you is placed on the boat, what your individual job will be, how the race will work. One person will steer, one will work the main sail, and two will work the jib (front sail) – our instructor will guide everyone through their jobs and keep you going in the right direction and take over any job if necessary. Remember – no previous sailing experience is necessary.

We keep this simple enough for everyone to feel confident and included and from experience we know that you will start asking more penetrative questions as the day goes on and you get drawn into the competitive nature of the racing tactics. We normally run at least three or four races which gives everyone lots of new starts and a chance to regroup. Some teams like to rotate jobs after each race , others get into a successful groove and want to change nothing! All of this racing takes place in Carter Creek right in front of The Tides.


$135 per person plus $150 event organization fee


The Tides Inn, Irvington, VA 22480

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