Family Sailing

We have every option imaginable for families to learn to sail together. We will help you choose one of the options below – the choice will depend on what kind of sailing (if any) you intend to do after your course, and what ages your children are, and how much time you wish to spend together.

“The Tides Inn, fronting Carters Creek, a Rappahannock River tributary, features its Premier Sailing School. Even if you and your kids don’t know an aft from a rudder, you can learn to master the winds together at the family sailing course. Each participant, even kids as young as 6, learns the ropes. There are a variety of different types of vessels available for different age groups, including Sunfish, Optimists and Lasers. For more water fun, go crabbing and fishing as well as canoeing and kayaking, or tour the creek in a duffy, a canvas-roofed boat with an electric motor. At the Crab Net Kids program, available summer and holidays, ages 4 to 12, swim, bicycle, play croquet and more. (From Family Vacation Critic’s List of Top 10 Watersports, Spring 2013”

I just wanted to thank you and your wonderful instructors for providing a great camp experience for our family last week. Your instructors are great sailors who are so patient with the kids and able to roll with whatever the kids bring their way. Everyone was just great. Firsthand I saw Sabine and Alex handle some tough situations and both did so brilliantly.

Thank you from our family! John provided some great insight for me on coming out of a tack and Sophia thought Ryan was great. What an outstanding staff you’ve accumulated, they’re bright, thoughtful and kind. Please thank each of them from the Spe…

Perfect year for private Family Sailing Lessons!

Family Sailing Programs


Your children join the young sailors group and spend the day learning to sail small boats. In the meantime, you are on a big boats following the US Sailing Keelboat certification. At lunchtime you are anchored in some cove, maybe taking a dip in the river, or eating your lunch under the shade of the bimini. At 4pm you and your kids rendezvous to compare notes before heading off to spend the rest of the afternoon and evening together.

Together at Camp

You decide you want to learn to sail a small boat so you join in the kids camp for lots of splashy fun and learn to sail a Sunfish or Laser while your kids are sailing their Optimist or Sunfish. You will be outnumbered by kids but you will love the fun, and the more physical aspect of sailing a small boat. Camp runs Monday to Friday but if you are short of time you can book less days.

Together on a Keelboat

Your kids are older and you all want to learn to sail a big boat together. Maybe you are planning to charter a boat in the Caribbean at a later stage. So you make up your own group of four and have the boat and instructor to yourself. Choose any four days, or two weekends if you prefer. Alternatively, you can book a quick two-hour lesson for the family or a quick sail on the river.


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