Corporate Sailing

Organizing sailing activities for corporate groups is one of our strong points. We know how to make sailing work for you, whether you want to just have some interdepartmental fun, or do some team building. None of your group needs to have any prior experience . We provide the boats and we provide good skippers who can very smoothly introduce their new crew (you) to the basic sailing tasks, enough to enjoy an afternoon of sailing or racing and to be fully involved as a team.

Companies Who Have Sailed with Us

Albion Engineering, Cuisine Solutions, Ledbury Group, Capital One, World Bank, Phillip Morris, Southern Health, Maguire Woods, MPI, Haworth, Brenntag Group, Near Infinity, Service Partners, TLC, GE Capital, Vollmer Group, DuPont Chemical, Post Newsweek, Discovery Group, Global One, Laureate Realty, Destination Paradise, Tucker Alan, Digitech, Scott & Stringfellow and State Farm Insurance.

Corporate Sailing Programs

Team Building

Sailing, and in particular racing, is a natural team building experience. Use racing to build up your team’s confidence and help them to work together. No previous sailing experience is necessary – Premier Sailing will organize everything for you and put an experienced instructor on each boat. Each boat (J24 or Cal 30) can accommodate four of your team plus skipper.

Talk Sailing!

A special program developed to build team communication skills. It’s all about talking to each other and successfully communicating for optimum team results. Your teams will be aboard boats with experienced facilitators. This program includes an initial one hour session on shore and a thorough debriefing exercise after sailing so plan on 3 1/2 to 4 hours for this program.

Leisure Sailing

Your group already works well as a team and now you are rewarding their successes with a relaxing celebratory break. Premier will organize a leisurely sail out on the Rappahannock River – just sailing, or include lunch or sunset drinks and hors d’oeuvres – whatever you wish!


Prices range from $125 to $195 per person depending on the program:


We can customize a schedule to suit your needs.

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